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  • Side By Side Comparison: Hibernate vs. My Patriot Supply

    Curious about where to buy the best emergency food supply for your family? Check out this easy Hibernate vs. My Patriot Supply food storage comparison to learn which company offers better value, higher nutrition, and a better variety of delicious meals that your family will love.
  • Side By Side Comparison: Hibernate vs. Costco Food Storage

    Ever wonder where the best place is to buy your emergency food supply? Check out this side-by-side comparison of Hibernate vs Costco food storage where we talk pricing, nutrition, quality, and brand promises. Click to find out which company is best for you!
  • Our Creamy Potato Soup

    Ready to dig into a bowl of deliciously creamy potato soup that tastes just like Grandma used to make? Do it in just minutes with Hibernate’s freeze-dried potato soup—the perfect addition to your long-term emergency storage and a great way to fuel your entire family any day of the week! Learn more here.
  • Our Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal

    Oatmeal is an incredible breakfast staple in many parts of the world. But the Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal in Hibernate’s emergency food storage kits is there for more than just tradition. Get to know the nutritional benefits of freeze-dried oatmeal, the delicious recipe ideas for mixing things up, and find out why you need to get this versatile breakfast in your food supply ASAP.
  • Our Chicken Flavored Rice

    Chicken flavored rice is a pantry staple for everyone, right? Well, it’s time to make our nutrient-dense, flavor-packed, freeze-dried Chicken Flavored Rice a key part of your emergency food storage now. Found out why here!
  • Our Strawberry Creamy Wheat

    There may be nothing more delicious or comforting than digging into a bowl of our incredible Strawberry Creamy Wheat! But the benefits go far beyond tasty comfort food. Read on to find out why this nutritious and versatile breakfast cereal is such a fan favorite and a staple in all our long-term emergency food storage kits at Hibernate!
  • What Does Freeze-Dried Food Really Taste Like?

    Emergencies suck, but emergency food shouldn’t, right? Get ready to have your mind blown about how good freeze-dried food can taste and why customers can’t get enough of the meals in Hibernate’s 2-week premium food supply bucket!
  • Get To Know Hibernate’s 2-Week Premium Food Supply

    Are you ready to start your emergency food storage but aren’t sure where to begin? Let us introduce Hibernate’s 2-week food supply! Read on to find out what’s inside (spoiler: loads of taste and nutrition), why we love it, and why your family needs their own Hibernate 2-week food supply ASAP.
  • Supplement Your Emergency Food Supply With These Costco Items!

    Excellent options from Hibernate can get your long-term emergency food supply covered, but did you know that getting emergency food from Costco is also a great option for supplemental food storage? Read on for some of our favorite food storage options when shopping your favorite bulk supplier!
  • Hibernate Hasn’t Raised Prices Despite Inflation

    Emergencies suck, but your food storage shouldn’t! And to us, that means keeping Hibernate food supply prices as low as we can, despite record inflation (and in addition to incredible flavor and nutritional value, of course!). Find out how you can get the best deals on our high-quality food storage now!
  • Freeze-Dried Blueberry Muffin Recipe

    Freeze-dried fruit is healthy, flavorful, and requires no prep work. Freeze-dried fruit is also very versatile. You can use it in smoothies as well as baked goods. This freeze-dried blueberry muffin recipe is a new twist on a classic recipe.
  • Hibernate Freeze-Dried Fruit Smoothie Recipes

    Smoothies are all the rage, but using fresh fruit can be such a hassle. It’s time to consider the versatility of freeze-dried fruit smoothies. Freeze-dried fruit is healthy, flavorful, and requires no prep work.