Side By Side Comparison: Hibernate vs. My Patriot Supply

Check out this easy Hibernate vs. My Patriot Supply food storage comparison to learn which company offers better value

It seems like there are new emergency food storage suppliers popping up across the market, and for the inquisitive customer who not only wants a great product and a great deal from a great company, it can get a little confusing to know who to buy from! You could go with a company that’s been around for years with a great reputation (like Hibernate!) or you might want to try out a source that may be offering a good deal just when you need it (My Patriot Supply, for example). But how do you know which company to trust? Which one offers the highest quality products? How can you be sure you’re getting the best deal? Well, let’s make it easy for you.

In this simple side-by-side food storage comparison, we’ve broken down some of the top-selling emergency food storage offerings from both Hibernate and My Patriot Supply to help you narrow in on exactly what you’re going to want to stock up on and from whom

In this simple side-by-side food storage comparison, we’ve broken down some of the top-selling emergency food storage offerings from both Hibernate and My Patriot Supply to help you narrow in on exactly what you’re going to want to stock up on and from whom!

Hibernate vs. My Patriot Supply Food Storage: 1-Year Food Supply

So, you’re considering diving into a year’s supply of emergency food storage? First off—good for you! Choosing preparation instead of fear in the face of uncertainty is an incredible first step. But we also understand if you’re not quite sure how to choose between food storage supply companies and their products. Let’s look at some of the commonalities and differences of the 1-year food storage options offered by Hibernate and My Patriot Supply.

Choosing preparation instead of fear in the face of uncertainty is an incredible first step

Servings And Price

When it comes to the Hibernate 1-year food supply and the My Patriot Supply 1-Year food supply, we can pretty reasonably compare apples to apples when looking at servings and pricing. With Hibernate, you’ll get over 4,000 servings of food and drinks; with My Patriot Supply, you can count on 3,480. As far as pricing goes for the 1-year options from Hibernate vs. My Patriot Supply food storage, you’re looking at a difference of less than $20 total as Hibernate rings in at $2,999 and My Patriot Supply at $2,987.

Both are a significant investment—an integral form of insurance your family needs in case of emergencies. Which, we’ve noticed, are coming faster with less time to recover between incidents. Don’t worry—having nutritious food and drink available for your family for those “just in case” times will always, always be worth it.

Meal And Snack Variety

Having a variety of delicious and good-for-you foods in your emergency supply is absolutely key. There are zero reasons to settle for the bare minimum or bland basics you’ve never used before or would never want to eat in or out of an emergency situation in your food supply. Consider this your release from feeling remotely high maintenance for providing a diverse range of appetizing meals for your family members. A highly stressful situation isn’t the time to force-feed foods no one wants any other day of the week! (Okay, off our soapbox now.)

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Needless to say, at Hibernate we believe food storage should provide a solid variety of meals and snacks while also providing plenty of nutritional value—no empty calories here! In the Hibernate 1-year food supply, there are 10 different types of breakfasts/lunches/dinners to choose from and two different snack/drink options. You’ll find everything from Cheddar Broccoli Rice and Buttery Herb Pasta to Creamy Cinnamon Rice Pudding and Instant Non-fat Milk.

In the My Patriot Supply 1-year food supply, you’ll see an increase in variety, but with fewer servings of each item, and a few of the options are considered sides rather than all-in-one complete meals. There are also two drink options (plenty of the orange drink mix) and three different desserts to enjoy. In this emergency food storage kit, you’ll be adding things like honey wheat bread, macaroni and cheese, and chocolate pudding to your emergency food storage menu.


Good nutrition is a top priority at Hibernate. We start with the highest quality ingredients to ensure premium nutrition and then pack in the flavor so your family can look forward to hearty and delicious meals even when other things in life may not be going as planned. That’s also why we’ve left empty calorie foods and sugary drinks entirely out of our Hibernate 1-year food supply. We want you to have plenty of protein (62 grams per day!), complex carbohydrates (count on eating just over 2,000 a day with Hibernate’s 1-year supply), and the necessary nutrients to help your body and mind perform their best even under stress.

While the My Patriot Supply 1-year food supply also offers a solid 2,000 calories-per-day meal plan, it’s harder to tout the nutritional benefits from all the rice, pasta, bread, and orange drink provided in the kit. The variety can be a bonus, but you’ll want to make sure you have a plan for supplementing certain meals with extra freeze-dried veggies or protein to really round out the meals with nutritional value.

Shelf Life And Packaging

One of the easy parts of this Hibernate vs. My Patriot Supply food storage comparison is the shelf life and packaging. Both companies promise a 25+ year shelf life for their conveniently packaged (and stackable!) lightweight emergency food supply buckets which provides a ton of peace of mind right off the bat. They’re also both proudly manufactured and packaged right here in the USA!

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One difference we can speak to between the companies is that Hibernate’s manufacturing partner has been doing this long enough to have tested 25-year-old food and know that it’s just as delicious as it was the day it was packaged more than two decades ago.

Top Reviews

With plenty of reviews to choose from, My Patriot Supply has certainly received positive feedback overall, with mentions of tasty food and one reviewer even calling out a catastrophic loss warranty provided by the company.

Hibernate has received similarly warm reviews touting the deliciousness of the food and appreciation for our 90-day money-back guarantee in case anything is not to our customers’ liking!

Overall, the differences between the Hibernate vs. My Patriot Supply food storage 1-year options can be generally boiled down to one decision—are you looking for a bit more variety in your emergency meal plan or do you prefer higher nutritional value provided in each individual meal? We’d argue that Hibernate’s 1-year food supply serves to satisfy the latter, while My Patriot Supply’s 1-year food supply can offer the former. In our opinion, nutritional benefits outweigh the added variety so in this case, we’re declaring Hibernate the winner of this 1-year food supply comparison.


Hibernate vs. My Patriot Supply Food Storage: 6-Month Food Supply

If you’re not looking for as complete a food supply as the 1-year options provide, check out this side-by-side 6-month food storage comparison between Hibernate and My Patriot Supply. 

check out this side-by-side 6-month food storage comparison between Hibernate and My Patriot Supply

Packaging And Shelf Life

It may not seem like a big deal, but we’re starting with a packaging comparison here because of the sheer difference between the two companies in terms of how much space you’ll need to store their products. (You’ll want to note this for the year comparison above as well!) While both Hibernate and My Patriot Supply come in conveniently lightweight, stackable buckets, Hibernate manages to fit all of its 6-month food supply into 6 buckets, whereas the 6-month My Patriot Supply food storage option will arrive in 12—meaning, you’ll have to have double the space to store anything from My Patriot Supply. For some this might be a mere inconvenience; for others a deal breaker that will truly change a purchasing decision.

(Remember, for both companies (and other food storage items you may have in your supply) you want to store your products in a cool, dry, and semi-dark space free from pests or other damaging factors like water, drastic temperature changes, etc.)

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Servings And Price

The My Patriot Supply 6-month food storage kit will cost you $1,487 for 1,740 servings of all the same foods (at lower quantities, obviously) found in their year supply. The Hibernate 6-month premium food supply goes for $1,599 for 2,400 servings of the same nutritious offerings provided in our year supply.

At a negligible $.02 difference in price per serving, deciding between these 6-month emergency food storage options essentially comes down to what you value most in your emergency food insurance—greater variety (My Patriot Supply) or a larger quantity of more substantially nutritious meals in your supply (Hibernate.)

As we’ve covered both nutrition and meal varieties above, there’s no need to reiterate the differences here. However, make sure to take a look at what is provided in each kit by each company to make sure it aligns with your family’s personal preferences, dietary needs, and daily habits before purchasing either the My Patriot Supply 6-month food supply or the Hibernate 6-month premium food supply kit.

Again, it seems clear that the winner here is Hibernate, based on nutritional value provided as well as hundreds more food servings all packed into less space.


Hibernate vs. My Patriot Supply Food Storage: Freeze-Dried Chicken

One of our favorite ways to make an emergency supply meal more complete and nutritious is to add freeze-dried chicken to the mix. If you’ve never had it—don’t scoff. When prepared and packaged properly and used in a delicious recipe, there’s a high likelihood you’d never notice it wasn’t fresh chicken! All you have to do is rehydrate and flavor and cook as normal.

Both Hibernate and My Patriot Supply offer freeze-dried chicken as add-ons to larger meal kits and we highly recommend adding some to your emergency food storage arsenal. Let’s compare the two products and see which one you should be adding to cart first.

Both Hibernate and My Patriot Supply offer freeze-dried chicken as add-ons to larger meal kits and we highly recommend adding some to your emergency food storage arsenal

Servings And Price

For $89, you can get Hibernate’s freeze-dried chicken, complete with 15 full servings of delicious freeze-dried white chicken meat. At $97.95, My Patriot Supply’s freeze-dried chicken provides 12 full servings. Both companies provide a generous half cup of chicken per serving (some other companies skimp in these areas).


One big difference between the two freeze-dried chicken products is the way they are packaged. Hibernate’s chicken comes in a classic #10 can for easy stacking and consistency with other emergency food supply products. It’s also simple to open and keep closed between servings. My Patriot Supply provides their chicken in 6 individual pouches, which can be nice for portioning but inconvenient for storage purposes. Both options will give you a 30-year shelf life, unopened.


You’ll see a few more differences in the nutritional value of the Hibernate vs. My Patriot Supply food storage chicken offerings. While both tout a half-cup serving size, the numerical similarities end there.

Hibernate Freeze-Dried Chicken Nutrition

  • Calories: 150
  • Fat: 5g
  • Protein: 25g
  • Iron: 6% DRV
  • Potassium: 6% DRV

My Patriot Supply Freeze-Dried Chicken Nutrition

  • Calories: 120
  • Fat: 1g
  • Protein: 27g
  • Iron: 0% DRV
  • Potassium: 6% DRV

The biggest differences you’ll notice are the number of calories and how much fat is in your chicken meat. In this case, more fat—being an integral part of nutrient absorption and energy production, especially in times of stress—is actually a good thing. It can also mean more flavorful and juicier meat.

All in all, it seems clear that Hibernate’s freeze-dried chicken meat comes out on top in this particular food storage comparison.


Hibernate vs. My Patriot Supply Food Storage: Freeze-Dried Fruit And Vegetable Variety Pack

Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are an awesome (not to mention tasty and nutrient-dense) addition to any emergency food supply. But they also make great snacks—think camping, hiking, and fishing—or everyday pantry essentials. We love that the fruits can be eaten whole and dry on their own or as a bright pop in trail mix. They can be ground into powder for a flavor-packed boost to smoothies, baking, or morning cereals. But they’re also incredibly versatile once rehydrated—think pies, ice cream, or pudding toppings. Freeze-dried vegetables are equally utilitarian: great for bulking up soups, casseroles, pasta dishes, and more. But you can also grind them to use as a nutritional “spice” alternative as well!

So, should you opt for the Hibernate freeze-dried fruits and vegetables or the My Patriot Supply’s fruit and vegetable option? Let’s compare.

Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are an awesome (not to mention tasty and nutrient-dense) addition to any emergency food supply

Servings And Price

Hibernate’s fruit and veggie option comes with 21 separately sealed packages containing 366 servings of apples, bananas, blueberries, peaches, strawberries, raspberries, broccoli, potatoes, peas, corn, and onions. All of this comes inside one of our stackable buckets for $379. The My Patriot Supply fruit and veggie kit is actually about a third of the size of the Hibernate one—with just 114 servings for $127. Bananas, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, corn, green beans, broccoli, and even chocolate pudding make an appearance in the My Patriot Supply kit.

The price per serving is somewhat similar (compare Hibernate’s $1.03 with My Patriot Supply’s $1.11) so up front, this comparison may come down to your taste preferences and how many fruits and veggies you’re looking to add to your emergency food supply. But don’t stop reading just yet.

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While both freeze-dried fruit and vegetable buckets offer some standard fare, they do stray from one another in a couple of ways. First, you’ll get a greater range of vegetable options in the Hibernate bucket. The peas, potatoes, and onions are considered great flavor boosters and bulkers for soups and casserole dishes and you may not want to miss out on those. The other big difference comes in the form of a questionable nutrition choice discussed below.


The addition of the chocolate pudding to the My Patriot Supply fruit and vegetable bucket could be considered a delightsome bonus by some and an empty dessert taking away from more nutritious fruit or veggie offerings by others. Again, this is a matter of knowing exactly what you’re getting and opting for the fruit and vegetable bucket that best serves the needs and wants of your family.

Yet again, Hibernate champions nutritional value and a focus on what the product promises—a good variety of veggies, and at a slightly lower price.


Looking To Buy Food Storage? Here’s Some Tips

Feeling a bit more prepared to start buying food storage now? We hope so! But we also know that this is a complex subject with many ins and outs, considerations, frustrations, and fears. So we just wanted to leave you with a few of our best tips on buying food storage for your home and family so you can feel the peace of mind that should accompany this powerful form of insurance and freedom.

  • First, consider the number of people in your household. Figure out how many calories they’ll each need for at least a two-week emergency period (bonus if you think bigger!), but don’t stop at those basic facts and figures. Consider what types of food each of your family members will—or definitely won’t—eat, if they have any food allergies, and what types of foods make the best options for storing long term.
  • Make sure you have a safe place to store your emergency food supply away from heat, too much light, and moisture. Garages, basements, and outdoor sheds are often considered but found unfit after realizing the risks involved in each of those areas (overheating, flooding, pests, etc.).
  • Once you have the basics in your storage (including plenty of water and a water purification system), don’t fail to add in extras and favorites like coffee, candy, or ingredients for your family’s must-have comfort meals.
  • Don’t forget to rotate your emergency food supply! Keep dates visible so you can use the oldest stuff first as it gets closer to its expiration date. This also makes it easier to know what you need to restock when the time comes.
  • Remember this always—preparation is not causation so do NOT let fear of what may happen stop you from being ready for whatever inevitably will come to pass. Take baby steps if you need to, but start somewhere and keep up the momentum to increase your food supply. We’re certain that sooner than later you’ll be experiencing the peace of mind that comes from this kind of self-reliant freedom!

Ready to start or add to your emergency food supply with Hibernate? Check out our popular 2-week food bucket, our 6-month premium food supply, and our 1-year emergency food supply, plus our fruits and vegetables, and other great freeze-dried food supply add-ons today!