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  • Freeze-Dried Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

    You may be wondering what all the hype is about freeze-dried chicken. Or you may have purchased some yourself, and now are wondering what would be the best way to use it. Freeze-dried chicken is healthy, flavorful, and requires no prep work. This easy freeze-dried chicken noodle soup recipe will be one to keep in the recipe book.
  • Freeze Dried Strawberry Recipe: Strawberry Lemon Blondies

    Freeze-dried strawberries recipes are the seasoned baker’s best friend. Especially when it comes to recipes like Strawberry Lemon Blondies. Freeze dried strawberries add a tart flavor that pairs beautifully with the sweetness of a blondie, making this a treat perfect for any occasion.
  • Freeze Dried Beef: Could It Really Be That Good?

    Your body uses more cortisol when it is stressed, and cortisol breaks down protein quickly. That means that when you are stressed, you need more protein than you normally do. That’s why freeze-dried beef is one of the best additions to your food storage–it contains protein, zinc, iron, and vitamin B, giving you long-lasting energy so you can take care of yourself and your family. 
  • The Scoop: Powdered Whole Eggs Versus Normal Eggs

    Powdered eggs are one of the most versatile food storage options on the market. Not only do powdered eggs provide tons of protein, but you can use them as a standalone meal as scrambled eggs or an omelet. They are also great to use in recipes that do not specifically call for powdered eggs.
  • Emergency Food Supply: How Old Is Too Old?

    We’ve all been there—grabbing the last can of food from the back of our pantry and seeing that it had expired a year ago? Do we throw it out and waste it? Is it still good? How do you know if it’s really expired or bad? The good news is that fear and anxiety of expiration dates on food are really based on just a conservative estimate of how long the food will last in the worst-case storage conditions.
  • What Should I Store For A Pandemic?

    Pandemics are a special breed of emergency, as we all now are well aware. But planning adequate food and supply storage isn’t as hard as you think, and can happen without leaving the grocery shelves bare of essentials that everyone needs. With regular planning along with your normal grocery runs, you can always feel secure and prepared in the event of another lock-down or shelter-in-place advisory should they happen again.
  • The Five Most Common Myths About Emergency Food Storage

    We plan and plot out our food storage so we can feel safe and confident that when we need food, water, and other basics of life, we will have them. However, there are a lot of myths about how and what we should be storing.
  • How to Plan for Food Shortages (Because They Aren’t Over Yet)

    Food Shortages are not a thing of the past, as they are unfortunately occurring on some level now and will continue to pop up unexpectedly throughout our lives. Here we’ve outlined the causes of shortages and to help you think of ways that you can begin preparing for the inevitable today. 


  • What Is The Best Survival Food With A Long Shelf Life?

    Look, no one wants to spend the next 25 years planning for a disaster to happen, but statistics show that you should definitely be preparing for it anyway. A big part of that preparation is ensuring that your family will be self-reliant when it comes to long-term food storage and water in case of an emergency, and our job is to make that as simple as possible for you.

  • Is Rice A Good Emergency Food?

    Your body, even if you saw a dreaded disaster coming, still has a natural fight or flight response that makes it run at a different pace than you’re typical day-to-day. You need to fuel it accordingly. Now don’t be surprised when we tell you that rice is a great way to do just that.

  • 5½ Easy Tips For Building Your Emergency Food Supply

    As crazy as it might sound, you’re doing part of a step simply by reading this. Preparing your mind for the task ahead is a key component of building your emergency food supply. You have to know a little about what you’re getting into and researching tips for the best way to build your emergency food supply is essential! So BAM—step .5 complete! Super proud of you.
  • Dinner For Backpacking Adventures

    If you’ve ever prepared your own pack for a backpacking trip, you’re familiar with the Tetris-level difficulty of getting all the exact right bits of clothing, gear, and food in all the exact right spots so there is nothing important getting smashed, all the frequently used items are easy to reach, and all the weight is distributed evenly so you’re comfortable for the trip and don’t tip backward off the trail. Seriously, it’s puzzle work for a professional.