Freeze Dried Strawberry Recipe: Strawberry Lemon Blondies

Freeze-dried strawberries recipes are the seasoned baker’s best friend. Especially when it comes to recipes like Strawberry Lemon Blondies. Freeze dried strawberries add a tart flavor that pairs beautifully with the sweetness of a blondie, making this a treat perfect for any occasion.

There are few flavor combinations more delicious than strawberry and lemon, especially on a hot summer day or as a mid-winter pick-me-up. That’s why we love Strawberry Lemon Blondies, a recipe that is sure to give you that delicious blend of sweet and tart. Even the best bakers feel some trepidation when a recipe calls for fresh fruit, especially strawberries that are so full of juice. Fresh fruit can sometimes completely alter the consistency of your baked good. That’s why seasoned bakers love freeze-dried strawberries. Freeze-dried strawberries offer the same tart flavor and texture without ruining the rest of the recipe. If you are ready to make a treat that is sure to please even the pickiest palate, give this Freeze Dried Strawberry Lemon Blondie recipe a try. 

Freeze-Dried Strawberry Lemon Blondies Recipe

A dessert bar like, Freeze-Dried Strawberry Lemon Blondies, combines the best elements of cookies, cakes, and brownies into one dessert. When you think of a dessert bar, think brownie texture, cookie ingredients, and cake topping. What makes freeze-dried strawberries preferable to fresh strawberries is this recipe? You never know how juicy a fresh strawberry will be; fresh strawberries can easily over saturate your batter and make your dessert soupy.

A dessert bar like, Freeze-Dried Strawberry Lemon Blondies, combines the best elements of cookies, cakes, and brownies into one dessert.

Freeze-Dried Strawberry Lemon Blondies Ingredients:

For The Crust:

1/4 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature

1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour

1/4 tsp salt

zest of one lemon

For The Filling:

3/4 cup lemon juice

4 TBSP frozen lemonade concentrate

1/2 cup freeze-dried strawberries, roughly crushed

1 3/4 cup granulated sugar

3 large eggs

1/3 cup all-purpose flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

Powdered sugar for dusting

Freeze Dried Strawberry Lemon Blondies Instructions:

For The Crust: 

Preheat oven to 350 F. Using the paddle attachment in your stand mixer, beat together sugar and butter until creamy. Gradually mix in flour, lemon zest, and salt until the mixture is crumbly. Press this mixture into a 9x13 pan and prick it with a fork several times. Bake for 15-17 minutes. Set aside to cool while you make the filling, but keep your oven on. 

For The Filling:

In a large bowl whisk eggs and sugar until fully combined. Add the lemon juice and lemonade concentrate and whisk until combined. Pour in the flour, baking powder, and salt, and again whisk until fully combined. Fold in the freeze-dried strawberries. 

With the crust still warm, pour the filling over the crust and smooth even with a spatula. Bake for an additional 25 minutes or until the middle is set. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Place into the fridge and let set up for 2 hours. Remove from fridge and sprinkle more powdered sugar on top. 

Tip: Because freeze-dried strawberries are more tart than fresh strawberries, use plenty of powdered sugar to balance the tartness. Or, if you like extra tart blondies, use the recommended amount of powdered sugar. 

Freeze-Dried Strawberries 101

First, we need to clear up the difference between freeze-dried foods and dehydrated food. When you dehydrate your food you are heating it to the point that most of the moisture is gone from the food. Beef jerky is an example of dehydrated food. It has a chewy texture, and you wouldn’t use it in a recipe that calls for beef. The same is true with dehydrated strawberries. They are chewier and you can make these at home by baking them in the oven for several hours using low heat.  Freeze-drying is a process where fresh fruit is rapidly frozen at temperatures below freezing. At this point, a vacuum forms around the food, creating a process called sublimation. Sublimation is a process where frozen water crystals go straight from their solid-state to a vapor state, skipping the liquid state altogether. 

Freeze-drying preserves most of the nutritional benefits of the food because the process is simply removing the water from the food.

Freeze-drying preserves most of the nutritional benefits of the food because the process is simply removing the water from the food. While water is important, it doesn’t hold any nutritional value, so removing it doesn’t change the nutritional composition of the fruit.  

The beauty of freeze-dried strawberries is that they are genuinely delicious on their own, but they are also great for baking. Freeze-dried strawberries are great for snacks to add to a nutty trail mix to give you a balanced snack. You can also add them to baked goods, not only because they bake very well and don’t add unnecessary moisture to the baked goods, but also because they are deliciously tart. They plump up while they bake, absorbing a little bit of moisture from the baked good, making them a delicious addition to the recipe as opposed to using fresh fruit which can sometimes become slimy in texture when it bakes. 

Can You Use Freeze Dried Strawberries For Regular Strawberries?

Yes! Obviously, sometimes it’s nice to have a fresh strawberry, and we certainly don’t want to discourage you from enjoying fresh strawberries. But most people miss out on the versatility and flavor of freeze-dried strawberries, especially in their baked goods and as snacks. We love adding them to any baked good recipe. They add a tart flavor to the dish and help make sure the dish isn’t soggy. In baked goods, the only difference from fresh strawberries is the taste–freeze-dried strawberries are more tart, but many recipes that call for strawberries are banking on that tartness to balance out the sweet.  

If you need more ideas for using freeze-dried strawberries, outside of the baking benefits, there are so many ways you can enjoy them. You can add freeze-dried strawberries to your yogurt with some homemade granola for added texture, flavor, and nutrition. Another favorite use, especially for camping or a great food storage option in an emergency situation, is adding them on top of oatmeal. A favorite for backpackers and campers is making a trail mix with freeze-dried strawberries–add your favorite nut, white chocolate chips, and some craisins and you’ll have a sweet treat that will keep you fueled for all your adventures. 

It’s not necessary to rehydrate your strawberries if you are looking for a quick, crunchy snack. But if you want to rehydrate the fruit, it’s an easy process that just requires water. The process of freeze-drying food rapidly removes the water from the fruit, and those spaces where the water once was is still in the fruit (That’s why it is crunchy when it is freeze-dried–there are air pockets).  When you rehydrate the fruit, the water goes back into those spaces. To rehydrate, simply cover the freeze-dried strawberries in water until they’ve absorbed the water, then pour the remaining water out. Don’t let it sit too long in the water after the strawberries have absorbed the water. Letting them sit too long in water will cause the flavor to leech into the water.

A Tart Treat From Hibernate: Freeze Dried Fruit

We love these Strawberry Lemon Blondies! They are a delicious treat for any occasion. But what makes them truly special is that tart and sweet combination that comes from using Hibernate’s freeze-dried strawberries instead of fresh strawberries. Not only will the texture of the bar be less soggy, but the tangy mix of strawberries, lemons, and sugar will delight on warm summer evenings or dreary winter days. Give yourself the gift of this delicious flavor profile by trying Hibernate’s Freeze-Dried Fruit Variety Pack today! 


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