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  • How Long Can You Survive Without Water?

    Getting an answer to the question, “How long can you survive without water?” is a little more complicated than you might think. But there is no direct, all-encompassing answer because all of our bodies and circumstances are so unique. Some people have generalized that a human can go 48 hours without water, or even up to 72. But that answer fails to take into account the specifics of every individual situation and therefore can’t be accurately relied on.
  • Nutritional Benefits Of Dehydrated Food Storage

    Everyone knows that what you put into your body matters, big time. You are what you eat, as they say!

    Well, at Hibernate, food storage nutrition is a top priority—meaning, it’s about more than just great flavor and value (though you’ll get that with our food, too). What we’re saying is, we have zero intention of forcing you to practice a well-it’s-remotely-edible-so-I-guess-I’ll-endure-it type situation when you’re already suffering through an emergency and all that entails. Simply put, emergencies suck, but your food shouldn’t. And that includes the nutritional quality of your freeze-dried food as much as anything else.

  • What Food Never Expires?

    Almost every food designed for human consumption has an expiration date. And what that date is will depend on a dozen or more factors: open or sealed, raw or cooked, refrigerated or frozen, ground or whole, dry or wet, etc., etc. But did you know that there are a few foods—we’re using that term loosely and you’ll find out why below—that may never actually expire?
  • What Is The Best Emergency Food Supply

    The best emergency food supply is the one that is perfectly tailored to your specific household needs and location. But let’s dig a little deeper ...