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  • What Should I Store For A Pandemic?

    Pandemics are a special breed of emergency, as we all now are well aware. But planning adequate food and supply storage isn’t as hard as you think, and can happen without leaving the grocery shelves bare of essentials that everyone needs. With regular planning along with your normal grocery runs, you can always feel secure and prepared in the event of another lock-down or shelter-in-place advisory should they happen again.
  • How to Plan for Food Shortages (Because They Aren’t Over Yet)

    Food Shortages are not a thing of the past, as they are unfortunately occurring on some level now and will continue to pop up unexpectedly throughout our lives. Here we’ve outlined the causes of shortages and to help you think of ways that you can begin preparing for the inevitable today. 


  • What Is The Best Survival Food With A Long Shelf Life?

    Look, no one wants to spend the next 25 years planning for a disaster to happen, but statistics show that you should definitely be preparing for it anyway. A big part of that preparation is ensuring that your family will be self-reliant when it comes to long-term food storage and water in case of an emergency, and our job is to make that as simple as possible for you.

  • Dinner For Backpacking Adventures

    If you’ve ever prepared your own pack for a backpacking trip, you’re familiar with the Tetris-level difficulty of getting all the exact right bits of clothing, gear, and food in all the exact right spots so there is nothing important getting smashed, all the frequently used items are easy to reach, and all the weight is distributed evenly so you’re comfortable for the trip and don’t tip backward off the trail. Seriously, it’s puzzle work for a professional.
  • Best Way To Cook My Food Storage

    Seriously, buying and cooking your food storage from Hibernate is truly simple, and incredibly delicious, to boot! (No, it doesn’t taste like a boot.) Just imagine a world where all the terrible things you used to believe about food storage vanished...
  • How Long Can You Survive Without Water?

    Getting an answer to the question, “How long can you survive without water?” is a little more complicated than you might think. But there is no direct, all-encompassing answer because all of our bodies and circumstances are so unique. Some people have generalized that a human can go 48 hours without water, or even up to 72. But that answer fails to take into account the specifics of every individual situation and therefore can’t be accurately relied on.
  • Nutritional Benefits Of Dehydrated Food Storage

    Everyone knows that what you put into your body matters, big time. You are what you eat, as they say!

    Well, at Hibernate, food storage nutrition is a top priority—meaning, it’s about more than just great flavor and value (though you’ll get that with our food, too). What we’re saying is, we have zero intention of forcing you to practice a well-it’s-remotely-edible-so-I-guess-I’ll-endure-it type situation when you’re already suffering through an emergency and all that entails. Simply put, emergencies suck, but your food shouldn’t. And that includes the nutritional quality of your freeze-dried food as much as anything else.

  • What Is The Best Emergency Food Supply

    The best emergency food supply is the one that is perfectly tailored to your specific household needs and location. But let’s dig a little deeper ...