Hibernate: Changing Emergency Food For The Better

Hibernation Is Nature's Emergency Food Supply

Hibernation is a 'state of minimal activity and metabolic depression'1. Many animals such as bears, bats, & squirrels have a seasonal hibernation period. This period of hibernation is usually during a difficult seasonal time for them to survive in normal living outdoors such as deep winter.

2020 Taught Us That Emergency Preparedness Isn't Just For Natural Disasters

And weirdly enough, many of us experienced a period within 2020 where we ourselves may have found ourselves in a hibernating state. Covid19 brought a worldwide pandemic and forced the worldwide population to remain stagnant and usually staying within their own homes. We at Hibernate Emergency Food know that this isn’t abnormal to have a natural disaster or phenomenon shut down normal life as we know it. Many experience disasters whether it be an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, or even major snowfall. All of these events can cause normalcy to halt for a moment as they can shut down commerce, and our food supply chain in an instant. Many grocery stores generally run on a 3-day inventory. Think of it this way, when you go to the store you usually pick up things that you currently need, not what you might need months down the road. Stores run on this theory as well. But because of this, a grocery store can be cleared out within days and not have the supply to restock shelves. Many felt the panic as food, toilet paper, and almost all essential items flew off the shelves in March 2020. There is a better way. You no longer need the stress of being dependent on the grocery store for your immediate food needs. 

Don't Get Caught Without Food During The Next Emergency

We at Hibernate have created a variety of emergency food products and kits that help give you the nutrition and energy you need when you need it most. Our ‘no filler guarantee’ means that you don’t get a heavy bucket filled with sugary drink powder. But when you pick up a Hibernate bucket, you know that you have nutritional food and meals to sustain you when you need it most. And did I mention our amazing portion sizes? We know you can’t live off of a literal handful of food. That’s why our meal kits plan for an average of 2,120 calories per person per day. That’s on par with the recommended amount to eat for an active 19-30 year old male.2

Stop being dependent on a broken system. We can help liberate you from the stress of feeding you and your loved ones in a crisis. Hibernate provides Meal kits as well as individual products, many of which come packaged in pouch-in-pail kits, meaning that if you open the bucket, there are smaller pouches inside, so you don’t have to eat the whole bucket. Because the items that remain in their sealed pouches will retain their quality for the full 25-year shelf life.

Emergency Food storage is essential in a crisis situation. But with Hibernate, we help eliminate the worry about feeding you and yours. So you can focus on what matters most, keeping those you love safe.


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